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Our Story

Hey y’all! 

When our oldest son was diagnosed with autism as well as his brother not long after, everything changed for us. After the initial shock, I rolled up my sleeves to get to work. That's what we do as moms, right? We do whatever it takes for our children.

I began researching a more natural and holistic approach to treating the underlying issues of autism and just life in general. The first change was our diet and this would lead to an overhaul of our home and personal care products. Even with these changes, the boys were still constantly sick and seemed to bring home every single illness from school. Add in a husband who is an educator and someone was always sick. I needed something to support their immune system and I found elderberry syrup. When I could not get them to take the store bought syrup with ingredients that fell short of our new standards I began making my own. Everyone was sick less and we even saw a difference in seasonal allergies that year.

In December of 2019, I was ordering more berries to make syrup and thought, "Why don't I share this with the neighbors?" A Facebook post later, and I was making huge batches of syrup for neighbors, friends and family. Now we have an amazing local customer base, sell at numerous farmers markets and retail locations as well as shipping nationwide. We feel so grateful to be even a small part of your wellness journey.  I never dreamed I would go from stay-at-home mom to making gallons of organic elderberry syrup but Sweet Southern Elderberry was born!

There are very few options for autistic adults once they age out of the school system and this has always been a huge fear of ours.  They need a place to learn skills and deserve a job where they can feel pride in their work. Not many exist so we created one!